Box Car Races

Box Car Races

The designs, the speed, the driving skill- And the Blue Blurr Takes It Home during The Shelburne Street Festival's Soap Box Car Racing!

- Alex Sher

This year we have a couple of pre-built cars that you can race in case you didn't have time to build your own. Sign up & let the soap box car rubber burn!

Shelburne Soap Box Derby
Guidelines for Participation

Participants must be at least 7 years of age to race. Proof of age may be required race day.

It is expected that all drivers and people in their pit crew will act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Anyone who does not uphold this request may be expelled from the race.

There will be a starting official and two finish-line officials to ensure accurate time recording.

If your car requires repair during the race and you are called upon to race, you will be given one runs grace to repair. You must be ready when you are called for the second time or you will be eliminated. This action must be taken as to not slow the race schedule.

Protective head gear MUST be worn during each race. We strongly recommend a snowmobile, bicycle, or motorcycle helmet.

The Vehicle

Pictured below is the guidelines for building your own soap box car please try and conform to the measurements for your children’s safety.

The soap box car must NOT contain wheels with spokes.

The steering must be accurate and work in an effective and safe manner we strongly recommend a steering wheel.

The breaking system must be accurate and safe and operate in an effective manner we strongly recommend a drag breaking system. It must be possible to operate the break without losing control of the soap box car.

The body of the soap box car must permit free use of the hands, and arms.

The head of the driver must NOT be confined by the soap box cars body.

No sharp edges or protruding objects should be present on the exterior or interior of the soap box car.

Following these guidelines ensures everyone has a safe and fun race day!